Upcoming Interview with Dr. Anthony Lisi

Upcoming interview with Dr. Anthony Lisi.  We will be discussing chiropractic research and the state of chiropractic in the VA. Dr. Lisi is the Chiropractic Program Director for the US Veterans Health Administration, overseeing all national programmatic issues related to the integration of chiropractic clinical services, education and research. He is also an Associate Research Scientist at the Yale Center for Medical Informatics, Yale University School of Medicine. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications on topics including low back pain management, spinal manipulation, interprofessional education, and chiropractic services. Dr. Lisi received the American Chiropractic Associations’ 2015 Academician of the Year award, and the 2017 Chiropractor of the Year award.   Please comment below if you have any questions for us during the interview. I might choose some of them for our conversation.

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  1. Craig Benton, DC
    Craig Benton, DC says:

    Well seems to be some confusion in the VA (not the Choice program) when a patient demonstrates functional improvement but will need additional care past the 4 weeks VA handed out. Patients primary refuses to allow additional visits. Has happened about 1/2 dozen times this year.

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