Energizing, informative and accessible!

Energizing, informative and accessible! I think that it’s extremely important to stay current and to continue to learn, but with work and a young family I find it challenging to carve out time to do this as often as I would like. I’ve just recently started listening to Chiropractic Science podcasts in the car and it’s a game changer! The topics are current and timely, the guests are leaders in the profession and there is tremendous value in hearing about the research from the researchers themselves. When I arrive at work I always have a new tidbit to share with colleagues or an idea about how to apply/integrate the new knowledge/perspectives into what I do. I also appreciate how the guests weave threads that remind us to think critically about what we do and the quality of research that we are doing and using. I just finished the podcast with Ian Coulter; it left me re-energized, with new questions, an interest in looking more closely at the original papers he discussed and also at research on the context of the clinical encounter across different professions. I’m excited about the research that is happening and how it will support the role of chiropractors in the broader health system context. Thank you to Dean and the guests for making the information accessible and easy to digest!