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Upcoming Interview with Drs. Christopher Malaya and Joshua Haworth

Dr. Malaya is a research associate at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Parker in 2018 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and is currently pursuing a PhD in Motor Control from the University of Houston. His current research interests are in sensorimotor integration, postural control and adaptation, as well as the neural mechanisms of manual […]

Top 5 Chiropractic Science Podcast Episodes as of December 2020

Happy Holidays!  As you are enjoying your holidays, listen to the top 5 downloaded episodes of the Chiropractic Science podcast of all time. #1 Brain Adjustments with Dr. Heidi Haavik #2 Scott Haldeman, DC, PhD, MD: Pioneering and Contemporary Chiropractic Science #3 Chiropractic Neurophysiology with Dr. Bernadette Murphy #4 Evidence Based Practice with Jan Hartvigsen, […]

Upcoming Interview with Ken Weber, DC, PhD

Dr. Ken Weber is an Instructor in the Department of Anesthesia, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford University. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2009 and then completed a PhD in neuroscience at Northwestern University in 2016, specializing in movement and rehabilitation science. Ken’s research intersects clinical pain […]

Upcoming Interview with Kevin K. Haussler, DVM, DC, PhD

Dr. Haussler graduated from The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988 and completed a small animal internship in Sacramento, CA.  To further his training in the conservative management of spinal-related disorders, he pursued human training at Palmer College of Chiropractic-West and completed a veterinary chiropractic certification program in 1993.  He attended the […]

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Upcoming Interview with Drs. Imran Niazi and Kelly Holt

Dr. Imran Khan Niazi received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical engineering and his Masters in biomedical engineering. He received his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dario Farina from Center of sensory-motor interaction, Health Science Technology Department, University of Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark in 2012. After working as a postdoc for a year, he moved to […]

Upcoming Interview with Drs. Kim Humphreys and Cindy Peterson

I am excited for the opportunity to discuss chiropractic research with Drs. Peterson and Humphreys in the near future. Cynthia Peterson, RN, DC, DACBR, M.Med.Ed. has worked as a chiropractic radiologist, researcher and educator in 4 countries.  She retired from her positions as Professor and researcher, Radiology Department, Orthopaedic University hospital Balgrist and Professor, Chiropractic […]

Do Your Patients “Get It”? Ask Them to “Teach Back” or “Show Me”.

Chiropractic care can be complicated for patients because of its specialized terminology for assessment, treatment plans, symptom trajectories, and potential for benign adverse events.  One solution is for chiropractors to adopt functional health literacy, interactive health literacy, and critical health literacy into patient-centered chiropractic care. Health literacy empowers patients of all backgrounds to “read” and […]

Upcoming Interview with Dr. Jeff Hebert

Jeff Hebert, DC, PhD is a Professor and the CCRF/NBHRF Chair of Musculoskeletal Health Research at the University of New Brunswick, as well as an Adjunct Professor at Murdoch University in Australia. Jeff’s career to date includes 18 years of experience in faculty, clinical, and administrative positions in Canada, the United States, and Australia.  Most […]