Great to see a community of science based chiropractors sharing their experience and ideas! I just finished listening to your podcast with Dr. Bove. THANK YOU! Great topic and great interview style.
Dr. William Brady via | USA | March 6, 2019

This is a fantastic show with up-to-date, clinically relevant research. I love hearing from the original researchers and Dr. Dean does a stellar job guiding the interview and keeping it interesting and informative.
mama rouge via iTunes | Canada | August 19, 2018

Energizing, informative and accessible! I think that it’s extremely important to stay current and to continue to learn, but with work and a young family I find it challenging to carve out time to do this as often as I would like. I’ve just recently started listening to Chiropractic Science podcasts in the car and it’s a game changer! The topics are current and timely, the guests are leaders in the profession and there is tremendous value in hearing about the research from the researchers themselves. When I arrive at work I always have a new tidbit to share with colleagues or an idea about how to apply/integrate the new knowledge/perspectives into what I do. I also appreciate how the guests weave threads that remind us to think critically about what we do and the quality of research that we are doing and using. I just finished the podcast with Ian Coulter; it left me re-energized, with new questions, an interest in looking more closely at the original papers he discussed and also at research on the context of the clinical encounter across different professions. I’m excited about the research that is happening and how it will support the role of chiropractors in the broader health system context. Thank you to Dean and the guests for making the information accessible and easy to digest!
JNashDC via iTunes | Canada | July 20, 2018

My new favorite. I’m always looking for informative podcasts that can teach while holding my interest. This one fits the bill! Engaging guests with a relaxed and fun interview style, I’m always learning quality information but it is never dry. Thank you for this!
Mariam_Ashraf via iTunes | Canada | June 3, 2018

This was my first listen to the Chiropractic Science podcast. Excellent resource! Great host (Dr. Dean Smith)!! Very informative and keeps you engaged throughout the shows. -Dr. Kyle Swanson, DC
Dr. Swanson via iTunes | USA | May 22, 2018

Excellent podcasts. What a wonderful accompaniment to my 10K runs.
jmvdc via iTunes | USA | May 22, 2018

Science based validation. Dr Dean Smith has a effective interview style that is easy to listen to. He presents a variety of evidenced based, relevant topics. Thanks for keeping the profession and public updated.
miDebS via iTunes| USA | April 23, 2018

Fantastic to be able to listen to the best in Chiropractic research (including the awesome host himself Dr Dean Smith). Keep up the great work!!
SportsChiroGabe via iTunes | Australia | April 7, 2018

Fantastic. This is by far the best podcast out there for evidence based chiropractic healthcare. Straight from the individuals doing the most current research. Thank you Dr. Smith for doing this.
Crb1961 via iTunes | USA | November 25, 2017

Thank you! Thank you!
Dr. Thankfull via iTunes | Finland | November 21, 2017

Keep up the great work! Thank you Dean for shining a spotlight on these prominent researchers and their important work. It is interesting to hear their discussions on research beyond what is written and published. I particularly like the way that you discuss making rigorous, peer-reviewed research clinically meaningful for those of us on the front line delivering evidence-based healthcare to patients.
ScarlettRoseMonroe via iTunes | Australia | November 17, 2017

Love this podcast. I have started listening to Dr. Deans podcast on my way to work every morning. I find myself listening sometimes to the same podcast a few times since there is so much great information. It truly inspires me to learn more about my profession even after 27 years in practice. Thanks Doc for sharing your knowledge. I love what you do.
Dr. Helle Leap By Danskdc via iTunes | USA | November 2, 2017

Best Resource for Evidenced Based Chiropractic. It is truly amazing to hear so many astounding researchers in the Chiropractic field. The researchers diverse backgrounds and expertise allow students such as myself to be engaged in the pursuit of further knowledge. Dr. Smith’s interview style allows the listeners to obtain clinical information that can be applied directly into practice. Thank you for providing these great podcasts!
Youngoh Kim via iTunes | USA | October 30, 2017

Chiropractic Works. So many Chiropractors see “miracles” happen in their offices but have no clue of the physiology of why they happen. This is a great podcast that can help docs confidence in what they do grow and then be able to ethically help more people.
Potential Singer via iTunes | USA | October 25, 2017

What an outstanding resource! By far one of the most valuable content sources for new and old chiropractors alike. Reliably poignant content presented in an easy to digest manor.
Arbbyluvgigi via iTunes | USA | August 20, 2017

Fresh Ideas from Contemporary Scientific Thought Leaders in the Chiropractic Profession. Dr. Smith brings you insights from contemporary researchers from around the world. Being active in the technique development, research and practice, I am reinspired by learning of developments from the motor control and neurophysiological disciplines. I am reminded of the references and research personalities my mentor, the late Dr. Joe Keating would report and these podcasts continue in that same spirit. Keep up the good work!
Paul O DC MPH via iTunes | USA | June 20, 2017

Excellent. Great interviewing by Dr Smith & excellent guests. They’re the unsung leaders in chiropractic.
BC/DC via iTunes | USA | June 2, 2017

Fantastic Resource. I stumbled across this podcast as a trimester 2 chiropractic student. The first segment I listened to was with Dr. Bernadette Murphy and I was hooked. Dr. Dean Smith does an incredible job of guiding the interview fluidly and asking the very questions that come to my mind while listening. As someone who wants to be involved in research Dr. Smith ends his interviews with “what advice would you have for someone interested in pursuing research?” The responses from those interviewed have been nothing short of inspiring. I’d recommend this podcast to anyone interested in neuromusculoskeletal medicine ESPECIALLY manual therapists.
cbolles8677 via iTunes | USA | April 27, 2017

Great podcast. I absolutely love Dr. Smith’s podcasts. He brings the best of the best in the chiropractic profession to share current research knowledge with his listeners. His podcasts are engaging and informative, and I always end them being more knowledgeable than when I started. Great leader for the profession.
ZachJipp via iTunes | USA | April 21, 2017

This is for every chiropractor! This is for chiropractors who want to help their patients by advancing chiropractic among other health professionals. It’s time we stop seeing other health care providers as those who resist the chiropractor. If we were better at communicating, educating, and explaining chiropractic more providers would collaborate with us and more people would be healed. This podcast provides the resources to do just that.
Only one in the world via iTunes | USA | March 30, 2017

Chiropractic Science podcasts. An excellent way to catch up on the latest research from some of the world’s best chiropractic researchers in a friendly, informative, memorable way. I listen in the car, in the gym, whilst out running and when travelling, it’s the best way to make the most of some spare time. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!
Buffy_Chiro via iTunes | UK | March 4, 2017

Excellent chiropractic podcast. This is the podcast that gives me hope and optimism for the chiropractic profession. Too many podcasts focus on vague philosophy without offering any practical advice or real world information. Listening to the true leaders of our profession discuss their journeys and the future of chiropractic makes me excited for what’s to come. I recommend this podcast to any practicing doctors, students, and even chiropractic skeptics!
Nately C. via iTunes | USA | February 15, 2017

Inspired me to become a researcher. This podcast literally inspired me to go get a PhD so I can research the brain and help out the Chiro community. I love this podcast!
Chewythemighty via iTunes | USA | September 2, 2016

New research. Can’t say enough about this podcast. As a dc it’s easy to get behind on the latest research and to tie several papers together. Especially when they aren’t obviously really dc related. Enjoyed the shows &hope you make new ones.
Bmtdc via iTunes | USA | August 12, 2016

You want chiropractic research? You want research? Here it is! Dr. Dean makes it easy to keep up on the latest research by interviewing the best and brightest in the field. I look forward to every episode.
DrMichaelJohnson via iTunes | USA | July 6, 2016

The best podcast for DC’s. Amazing info & something everyone in the profession needs to be listening to.
Dr. Ezra via iTunes | USA | June 9, 2016

Scientific and philosophical excellence. Being in practice for many years, I am weary of ideologically biased forums when 21st Century chiropractic can have, and bring it all; evidence and practice based science WITH a strong philosophical foundation. Highest accolades to Dr. Dean Smith for his untiring success at bringing bar raising colleagues and conversations together to articulate just how pertinent chiropractic is in contemporary health care. Thank you, Dr. Smith.
Dr. Herby Bell via iTunes | USA | May 8, 2016

Awesome podcast ! Thanks for creating this great podcast. Very valuable information delivered in a fun way. Great service to the profession! DrRichardDC via iTunes | Canada | March 31, 2016

Wonderful! Hi Dean, I just wanted to say thank you for your Chiropractic Science podcast. It has been such an inspiration to listen to all the greats in the world of chiropractic research. It has certainly made an impact on my practice and gives me a tremendous amount of certainty and clarity in what we do as chiropractors. Keep up all the good work! Best wishes, Dr Roi Cheng.
roicheng via iTunes | Australia | March 10, 2016

Thank you Dr. Dean Smith for creating and sharing these podcasts! I have listened to all of them and find them absolutely vital to stay current. I find the information profoundly motivating. It is difficult to read and interpret journal articles for a seasoned chiropractor. This saves time and hearing it explained from your colleagues themselves in language that I can communicate with my patients is invaluable. I always believed that receiving adjustments brought clarity and focus to my cognition. Now Drs. Murphy and Haavik are providing scientific validation to that observation! I am… Read more Thank you Dr. Dean Smith for creating and sharing these podcasts! I have listened to all of them and find them absolutely vital to stay current. I find the information profoundly motivating. It is difficult to read and interpret journal articles for a seasoned chiropractor. This saves time and hearing it explained from your colleagues themselves in language that I can communicate with my patients is invaluable. I always believed that receiving adjustments brought clarity and focus to my cognition. Now Drs. Murphy and Haavik are providing scientific validation to that observation! I am humbled by the sacrifice, hard work and accomplishments of all the researchers you have interviewed. Dr. Haldeman exemplifies this and he wowed me with his charity to our profession and society! You really can get a feel for the passion and love of chiropractic these dedicated women and men are oozing. These podcasts will surely help to unite all the chiropractors “in the trenches” and improve the care we provide resulting in healthier communities.
Philip D. Smith via iTunes | Canada | March 6, 2016

Thank you and well done Dr Dean Smith for creating this podcast series. It is wonderful to have access to the thoughts and minds of some of the greatest chiropractic researchers in the world. I am recommending this series to all my colleagues. I look forward with anticipation to the coming podcasts and to learning something new fro the world of research.
Dirk Jacobsz via iTunes | Australia | February 16, 2016

Great information. Kudos to Dr. Smith for putting together a podcast focused on current research in chiropractic. Much of the information within the field is unfortunately antiquated. The current research discussed brings to light the modern understanding of the subluxation complex and the mechanisms therein. Excited to hear from more of the industries brightest researchers!
khallmeyer via iTunes | USA | December 15, 2015

Your podcasts cover a lot of territory, but your conversational tone keeps the content very accessible. Really enjoying them.
Dr. Joel Weisberg

Thank you Dr. Dean Smith for running the chiropractic science podcast. I enjoy listening to them and consider them an important part of chiropractic culture. It is exiting to listen to the findings of scientific chiropractic research and find that they confirm the neurological underpinnings of chiropractic. This has allowed me to communicate chiropractic to other healthcare professionals in a framework that is not encumbered by the language or analogies of the past. In my opinion this is the most important thing for our profession.
Dr. Paul Shanahan

First, I absolutely love the podcasts on chiropractic researchers, it is fantastic. My two cents worth I hope you can interview Donald Murphy DC of Rhode Island. Also somehow you need to find a way to interview yourself and what you are doing in Ohio. Thank you for doing all of this.
Dr. Craig Benton