Thanks for listening to the chiropractic science podcast this year.  Here are the top 5 downloads for 2016.  Happy holidays! Look for more great speakers in 2017!

Dr. Scott Haldeman - Pioneering Chiropractic Research, Chiropractic Science

1. Dr. Scott Haldeman


2. Dr. Jan Hartvigsen


3. Dr. Heidi Haavik


4. Dr. Greg Kawchuk

Dr. Lise Hestbaek

5. Dr. Lise Hestbæk


online-ce-logoChiropractic Science, LLC is proud to announce a strategic partnership with to bring Chiropractors FREE Webinars (podcast replays will be available) during which there will be interviews with Chiropractic Experts that are performing cutting edge Chiropractic Research (non CE event).

We plan on providing one Chiropractic Science webinar each month so that Chiropractic Physicians can stay up to date in real time with the developing research and to incorporate the latest evidence into your Chiropractic Practice.

Past topics that are available for download include Chiropractic Neurophysiology and How Chiropractic Adjustments Work, Chiropractic Pediatrics and the research of Dr. Gregory Cramer. Login and under Notices, click on the link for Chiropractic Research.