The Chiropractic Academy of Research Leadership (CARL) Program is a grassroots initiative about positive, forward-looking, credible academic leadership within chiropractic. It aims to link promising early/mid stage career researchers who are dedicated to developing high-quality evidence regarding chiropractic as well as a global research network. CARL facilitates training on a range of mentoring, leadership, networking and research-specific skills relevant to early/mid-career researchers.


  • to develop a critical mass of successful early-career chiropractic researchers on the international stage
  • to encourage multi-disciplinary perspectives and cooperation in chiropractic research
  • to provide much-needed ‘timeout’ from the day-to-day pressure of work environments allowing space and time to reflect and consider longer term, deeper issues
  • to develop confidence amongst future leaders in the profession.
  • to provide direct mentorship, support and advice to a cohort of CARL Fellows regarding their own research focus, strategic development and career pathway
  • to promote and produce a prolific range of tangible research outputs and products

CARL provides a platform to grow the knowledge base for musculoskeletal conditions and secure a strong rigorous research culture within a generation of interdisciplinary researchers. Early/mid-career researchers are often relatively isolated in their environments and struggle to survive and to build constructive networks, which are crucial for long-term success. Underpinned by an ethos of robust scientific enquiry, it is hoped that this program will drive effective patient-centered healthcare research into the future.

CARL was independently established by the program’s foundational mentors Distinguished Professor Jon Adams (University of Technology Sydney), Professor Jan Hartvigsen (University of Southern Denmark) and Professor Greg Kawchuk (University of Alberta, Canada) to help develop international research excellence in the field.

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