Chiropractic Science Slides

NEW VERSION of Chiropractic Science Slides Presentation now includes articles up to December 2017.

*Your purchase will support the mission of chiropractic science as well as the production of the chiropractic science podcast.  Thanks for your purchase!

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  • 255 powerpoint slides in both portrait and landscape (widescreen) modes included
  • each slide displays a short snippet from the scientific literature, with accompanying picture and reference
  • important note: slides reflect the terminology of the original articles and include terms such as: chiropractic care, spinal manipulation, chiropractic adjustment, manipulation, spinal manipulation therapy, manual therapy
  • snippets come from a wide variety of journals found predominantly within the chiropractic and related literature documenting the benefits of chiropractic and manual therapy
  • Over 90 of the 255 references are from 2016-2017
  • some slides include information about lifestyle, exercise and epidemiology of back and neck pain
  • the ability to customize the presentation with your logo and clinic (doctor) name (a youtube video describes how to do this using powerpoint 2016)
  • the ability to create videos of your presentations (a youtube video describes how to do this using powerpoint 2016)
  • includes a word document with all 250+ references
  • expand your patient’s knowledge of chiropractic research
  • use in the office in your waiting room or adjusting rooms, or use when giving presentations to the community




Reviews of Chiropractic Science Slides Presentation

“Chiropractic in Australia is facing a difficult time as we are told there is no scientific evidence for what we do as a Chiropractor. So my patients and I love Dr Dean’s slides and they are played continually in our office to inform and educate. We are getting amazing feedback from our patients. They love reading them because our patients also feel threatened by making a non pharmacological, non surgery choice in choosing Chiropractic care. Help educate your patients, get your self a copy of Dr Deans slides.”
Dr Dirk Jacobsz from Australia

“Very timely, very professionally done. Anyone interesting in EBM will find these slides invaluable.”
Dr Craig Benton