“Being in practice for many years, I am weary of ideologically biased forums when 21st Century chiropractic can have and bring it all; evidence and practice based science WITH a strong philosophical foundation. Highest accolades to Dr. Dean Smith for his untiring success at bringing bar raising colleagues and conversations together to articulate just how pertinent chiropractic is in contemporary health care. Thank you, Dr. Smith.”
Dr. Herby Bell

“You want research? Here it is! Dr. Dean makes it easy to keep up on the latest research by interviewing the best and brightest in the field. I look forward to every episode.”
Dr. Michael Johnson

“Your podcasts cover a lot of territory, but your conversational tone keeps the content very accessible. Really enjoying them.”
Dr. Joel Weisberg

“Thank you Dr. Dean Smith for running the chiropractic science podcast. I enjoy listening to them and consider them an important part of chiropractic culture. It is exiting to listen to the findings of scientific chiropractic research and find that they confirm the neurological underpinnings of chiropractic. This has allowed me to communicate chiropractic to other healthcare professionals in a framework that is not encumbered by the language or analogies of the past. In my opinion this is the most important thing for our profession.”
Dr. Paul Shanahan

“I just wanted to say thank you for your Chiropractic Science podcast. It has been such an inspiration to listen to all the greats in the world of chiropractic research. It has certainly made an impact on my practice and gives me a tremendous amount of certainty in what we do as chiropractors. Keep up all the good work! Best wishes”
Dr. Roi Cheng

“First, I absolutely love the podcasts on chiropractic researchers, it is fantastic. My two cents worth I hope you can interview Donald Murphy DC of Rhode Island. Also somehow you need to find a way to interview yourself and what you are doing in Ohio. Thank you for doing all of this.”
Dr. Craig Benton

“Thank you Dr. Dean Smith for creating and sharing these podcasts! I have listened to all of them and find them absolutely vital to stay current. I find the information profoundly motivating. It is difficult to read and interpret journal articles for a seasoned chiropractor. This saves time and hearing it explained from your colleagues themselves in language that I can communicate with my patients is invaluable. I always believed that receiving adjustments brought clarity and focus to my cognition. Now Drs. Murphy and Haavik are providing scientific validation to that observation! I am humbled by the sacrifice, hard work and accomplishments of all the researchers you have interviewed. Dr. Haldeman exemplifies this and he wowed me with his charity to our profession and society! You really can get a feel for the passion and love of chiropractic these dedicated women and men are oozing. These podcasts will surely help to unite all the chiropractors “in the trenches” and improve the care we provide resulting in healthier communities.”
Dr. Phil Smith